Skin Treatments

Face Mapping Skin Analysis15 mins, Complimentary

Receive a skin analysis with one of our Skin Therapists to identify the best products and routine for your skin health goals. Our complimentary face mapping analysis takes no more than 15 minutes and eliminates the guesswork when selecting products for optimal results.

Dermaplaning Treatment - 60 mins, $95

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of vellus hair (aka peach fuzz) and dry, flaky skin using a hand held blade. The procedure aims to smooth the skin, help with fine lines and deep acne scarring, as well as make the skin's surface baby smooth. A dermaplaning facial will include skin analysis, cleanse, steaming, exfoliation, hydration treatment and facial massage. Top it off with a Intensive Aftercare Hydrojelly mask.

* Add hydrojelly mask treatment for an additional $15

ProSkin 30 - 30 mins, $60

A bespoke, time tailored treatment designed to address your skin needs. This personalized Dermalogica treatment addresses your top skin concerns in just 30 minutes.  Results driven for clients that don't have a lot of time to spare or an ideal maintenance service between skin treatments. 

ProSkin 60 - 60 mins, $100

The ultimate treatment, fully personalized every time with advanced products, techniques and technology in a sensorial environment. Your Skin Therapist will use a unique modular approach to powerfully boost every step.

*Add on hydrojelly mask treatment for an additional $15

Goldie Glow - 75 mins, $110

A personalized Dermalogica facial treatment to maximize skin health and enhance relaxation. This 60 minute treatment is customized with advanced products and techniques to address all of your main skin concerns, in a sensorial environment with facial and shoulder massage made for maximum relaxation. A treatment completely personalized to your skin concerns. Includes 24K Gold + Truffle hydrojelly mask treatment. The ultimate luxe experience.


Ultra Calming Treatment - 75 mins, $105

Ultra sensitive, dry skin requires a little extra attention. Our Ultra Calming Facial treatment addresses stubborn skin issues at the source.  Relax with a calming, soothing and hydrating facial designed to defend against redness and irritation. Includes hyaluronic acid or Belgium cacao hydrojelly mask treatment.

*Please note, some of these products contain lavender, so please advise if pregnant or breastfeeding and we can swap out.

Anti Aging Treatment - 75 mins, $120

This treatment is similar to the Goldie Glow with additional firming contour treatments used with a combination of Dermalogica professional strength serums to help tighten and firm mature skin. Includes Egyptian rose hydrojelly mask.

Pro Power Peel - 60 mins, $120

A customized peel using highly active, concentrated ingredients to target signs of acne, hyperpigmentation, and/or premature skin aging. 



Microneedling - 75 mins, $200

Microneedling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that's used to treat skin concerns via collagen production. It involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles using a handheld electronic device. The small wounds cause your body to produce more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help with the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring and minimizing pores. 2-4 sessions is recommended for optimal results.

*Please note that the Pro Power Peel & Microneedling treatments are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.     



Luxe Brow - $45
The ultimate brow experience. Includes wax, shape and tint. A hydro jelly mask is applied afterwards for added moisture, anti inflammatory and instant soothing properties. Top it all off with a brow massage. 

Chocolate Brow Treatment - $45
This treatment is best for sensitive skin. It includes a brow wax using chocolate wax and a hydrojelly Belgium cacao mask is then applied. Why chocolate? It is very gentle on the skin. Milk Chocolate Crème Wax is formulated with Cocoa Seed Extract which acts as an potent anti-inflammatory agent. The luscious chocolate aroma creates an aromatic waxing experience. Brow massage included.
Add tint +10

Gua Sha Brow Treatment - $60
This treatment starts with a Gua Sha stone massage. Gua Sha is a traditional eastern asian practice that translates in english to “scraping the pain away”. This practice helps with lymphatic drainage and releasing muscle tension to the face, neck and decolletage. This service also includes brow wax, shape and tint. A hydro jelly mask is applied afterwards for added moisture, anti inflammatory and instant soothing properties.

Brow Wax - $25
Brow waxing and shaping using soft wax

Brow Tint - $20
Temporary tint to the natural lashes lasting up to 3 weeks. Available in multiple natural shades.

Brow Wax + Tint - $35

Brow Henna - $50
Unlike traditional brow tinting, brow henna not only stains the hairs, but also stains the skin. Brow Henna tinting also provides long lasting results tinting the skin up to 2 weeks, and the brow hairs up to 6 weeks. Wax/tweeze also included in service.

Brow Lift - $80
Brow lamination, aka brow lift, is essentially a perm for your eyebrows. Brow lamination takes unruly brow hair and smoothes it out while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction for the illusion of a fuller 'fluffy' brow shape lasting up to 6 weeks. Wax & brow tint included.

Lash Lift + Brow Lam Combo - $120
Enjoy our two most popular services at a combo rate! Lash lift + brow lift (aka brow lamination.) Tinting and waxing is included.

Add on's - 24k gold plumping serum +$20


Lash Lift - $80 
A 'perm' for your natural lashes. Lifts & curls natural lashes for up to 8 weeks. Tint is included.

Add on's - 24k gold plumping serum +$20

Lash Tint - $20 
Temporary tint to the natural lashes lasting up to 3 weeks available in dark brown and black.

Lash Lift + Brow Lamination Combo - $120 

Enjoy our two most popular services at a combo rate! Lash lift + brow lift (aka brow lamination.) Tinting and waxing is included.

Full Set Classic Extensions - $120
Classic lash extensions; 1:1 ratio to the natural lash for a more natural look.

Full Set Hybrid Extensions - $140 
Hybrid lash extensions; Half classic lashes and half volume mix.

Full Set Volume Extensions - $150 
Volume lash extensions; from 2D-6D for a more voluminous, full look.

Full Set Ultra Volume Extensions - $160 
6-10D Ultra volume lash extensions for maximum volume available

Classic Fill - $40-75
Hybrid Fill - $50-85
Volume Fill - $55-90
Ultra Fill - $60-95

Lash Extension Removal - $30

Lash extension fills are recommend every 2 - 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, a full set is required.

Nails & Pedicures

Gel Polish - $45
This option is a light curable nail polish that is applied to the natural nail. Aka shellac or gelish. No added length or artificial tips added. 

Gel Overlay - $55
The perfect hybrid of gel nails meet gel polish. Gel overlay give your natural nail the added gel base layer for strength and longevity. No artificial tips added.

Gel Nails Full Set - $70
Artificial gel nails with added length/tips.

Gel Nail Fill - $60
Rebalance required every 3-4 weeks

Advanced Nail Art Full Set - $80
Looking for nails with a little something extra? Advanced nail art gives you a full set of sculpted nail enhancements up to 4 accent nails.

Advanced Nail Art Fill - $65+

Pedicure - $65
Pedicure will include soak, exfoliate, cuticle clean up, gel polish (shellac) application and massage.

Pedicure + Paraffin Treatment - $80
Pedicure includes soak, scrub, cuticle clean up, gel polish, paraffin treatment and massage. Paraffin wax treatment is a luxurious treat that can help you achieve baby-soft skin. Typically applied during manicures and pedicures, this is a type of soft wax that bonds to the skin and adds hydration. Feet are submerged in the wax, wrapped up and left to soak for 15 minutes for ultimate hydration.

Pedi-Safe Pedicure - $80
Pedi-Safe pedicure is for those who need a little extra attention to their feet concerns. Extra callus removal, toe nail rebuilding, crooked nail realignment, prosthetic toenail & the invisible ingrown toenail braces are all options during a Pedi-Safe pedicure. 

All nail appointments include up to 2 accent design nails. Advanced Nail Art (more than 2 accent nails) is subject to additional time and charge

Hair Removal

Facial Wax - $15
Brazilian Wax/Sugaring - $65
Neutral Brazilian Wax - $75

Bikini Wax/Sugaring - $40
Underarm Wax/Sugaring - $30
Full Arm Wax/Sugaring - $50
1/2 Arm Wax/Sugaring - $35
Full Leg Wax/Sugaring - $60
1/2 Leg Wax/Sugaring - $40

Add hydrojelly treatment mask for $12

Body Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a completely natural paste made from lemon, sugar and water. The paste is molded onto your skin against the direction of the hair growth, then quickly flicked off - removing the sugar paste, extracting your unwanted hair and collecting dead skin cells.  This ancient hand technique that allows for the hair to be extracted in the direction of its growth means less breakage and discomfort than waxing. Great for wax sensitive clients.