Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner (Oil-free)

Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner (Oil-free)

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How To Apply Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

  • Clean the lashes by shampooing, air-drying and gently brushing them;
  • Take the liquid liner out and place it behind the eyelashes before application;
  • Draw from the inner corner and go towards the outer corners;
  • (For a winged style, start with the wings first on both eyes);
  • Avoid having your eyeliner touch your lashes. Always apply the eyeliner above the lash line to prevent touching the extensions.

How to Remove Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

  • Use a lint-free material such as doe foot, scot towel square, or makeup brush.
  • Dip it in the lash shampoo and gently rub off the eyeliner from the eyelids by pressing. Don't swipe back and forth or side to side while cleaning;
  • Wash the eyelash extensions with the cleanser again;
  • Dry and comb the lashes.