Coating Sealant for Extensions

Coating Sealant for Extensions

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Unlock the secret to longer-lasting lashes with our Pro Coating Sealant!
Our Pro Coating Sealant is specifically formulated to improve the longevity of your client's lashes. It will add protection against dust, oils, and products that may break down adhesives. Your clients will love this retail product as it adds longevity to their fill time. 
Why use lash-coating sealants?
It is necessary to use the lash sealant because:

  • It provides an extra layer of protection for your client's natural lashes.
  • It extends the life of the adhesive, locking the extension in place for a more extended period (ideal for keeping your lash line looking its best between your biweekly refill appointments).

When to use the lash sealants?
Ideally, your clients need to use the sealants year-round. This extra layer of protection is also ideal when their lashes are exposed to excess moisture like:

  • High humidity;
  • Sweat (from exercise or an active lifestyle);
  • Swimming;
  • Oily skin.