Online Education

Online Education

Education is something we pride ourselves on here at Goldie. We are LashForever Canada and NALA certified Trainers. Our goal is to deliver quality education that is unparalleled in the industry. Whether you are brand new to the beauty industry, or you are already a certified Aesthetician or Hairstylist looking to continue your education and expand on your services - we have you covered. 

Why Choose Goldie?

  • We are LashForever Certified Educators and Distributors, meaning you can easily access products and resources after you've completed your training.

  • LashForever is one of the top-rated training facilities in Canada and is recognized by insurance providers.

  • We want our students to complete their course with the knowledge, experience, and confidence needed for success in the industry.

  • We offer online training. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Full pro kit included.

  • We offer OPT training! This stands for online + personal training. This option allows online learning for theory, mannequin practise at home and model practise under the supervision of a trainer. 
  • We are always here after your training. We want to offer you all the support you need to succeed!