Minimalist Beauty: Low Maintenance, High Impact Services

2020 has brought about it's fair share of trends: whipped coffee, tie dye, and working from home. I've taken particular notice of how our quarantine and post-quarantine lifestyles have seemingly impacted global beauty trends. Gone are the days of full-glam makeup in our daily routines, making way for beauty's latest trend: fresh faced, minimal, low-maintenance beauty. 

To save yourself some time in the morning, and to really give yourself that "I woke up like this" feeling, I've compiled a list of Goldie's most high-impact services that require virtually no maintenance. 

Lash Lift + Tint

Let's chat about lash lifts - lash extension's cool, lower maintenance cousin. Unlike Lash Extensions, lash lifts enhance your natural lashes, making them appear longer. Lash Lifts are done using a perming process to set straight or unruly lashes in an upright, and slightly curled position. Pair this service with a lash tint to eliminate the need for mascara (or continue to use mascara for added drama). This service takes 45-60 minutes with results that last 6-8 weeks!  

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is described by Bazaar Magazine as the hottest brow trend of 2020. This service is designed to give brows a fuller, bolder, and more uniform shape, without the use of microblading or semi-permanent makeup. It is the perfect option for clients that are looking for a semi-permanent option to achieve those perfect model brows. 

Brow Lamination realigns the brow hairs, turning messy brows into full, voluminous, uniform brows. The formula we use contains a protein composition, including liquid keratin which creates a protective film around the hair and promotes brow growth. This service takes 30-45 minutes with results that last up to 2 months!

Brow Henna

Wishing you could wake up every day with perfect, filled in brows, but don't want to commit to permanent makeup? Meet Brow Henna. Brow henna is a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tinting using natural henna dye to stain the skin as well as the brow hairs, giving the illusion of depth and dimension in the brow area. 

Brow Henna gives a filled in "powder brow" look, eliminating the need for brow makeup. It is a great option to fill in sparse or misshapen brows, or to give your brows a bolder look that lasts up to 6 weeks. Pair this service with brow lamination for the ultimate power brows!

Lived-in Hair Colour

Balayage and shadow roots aren't going anywhere anytime soon! Hand-painted highlights and shadow roots can completely transform your look, but the "lived-in" look also allows for minimal upkeep. Hand-painted techniques allow for a blended grow out, rather than a straight line of demarcation, meaning you can go four to six months between touch-ups. To keep your colour looking extra fresh and blended during this time, we recommend booking colour gloss/toner appointment every 6-8 weeks.